Best Horse Digestive Aid in 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide

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Every horse owner dreams that his or her ponies live a happy, healthy life! It all starts by ensuring that everything at their digestive system runs smoothly. The horse’s gut or digestive tract is designed to allow continuously for ingestion of substantially large amounts of forage.

It is important to note that the equine digestive system is immensely delicate. With surprising intake, keeping it in balance is the key to avoiding digestive upset and maintaining health. While essential bacterial thriving in the hindgut plays a significant role in the process, it is incredibly important to support with ingredients available in digestive aids to help the animal manage effectively the digestive stress. More often than not, these digestive health supplements help enhance and balance the normal digestive process. They are specifically beneficial if the targeted horse already has a record of digestive issues.

Well, since not digestive aids are created equally, the level of meeting the desired expectations vary from product to another. However, the bottom line is choosing the best supplement that will at least deliver the best results. To help you pick the very best, we have compiled a list of top ten products based on the statistical reports and recommendations from highly reputed clinical equines for your consideration.

10. Durvet – Kaolin-Pectin Antidiarrheal

Durvet - Kaolin-Pectin Antidiarrheal - 32 oz (Packaging May Vary)

If your horse is seriously battling with digestive problems, then perhaps you want a supplement that will instantly deliver results. That product is none other than the Durvet – Kaolin-Pectin Antidiarrheal. This digestive aid is best used after noticing the very first signs of diarrhea in ponies and horses. The award-winning supplement is a palatable oral suspension for use in managing and controlling acute and even chronic diarrhea in horses.

9. Bute-Less Solution by Absorbine

Absorbine W F Young 430422 5 lb Bute Less Pellets

Are you looking for a daily probiotic formula to maintain your equine’s digestive health? If so, then you perhaps need to consider the Bute-Less Solution by Absorbine. This is one of the leading digestive aids out there in the market known for providing probiotics and prebiotics to support hindgut and digestion health. It also offers support for a healthy inflammatory response. Unlike other supplements, this gentle to stomach product nourish the ‘good’ bacteria present in the gut and support quick digestion.

8. Horse Guard Equine Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

Horse Guard Equine Vitamin Mineral Supplement, 10lb

The Horse Guard Equine Vitamin & Mineral Supplement is one of the most concentrated horse vitamin-mineral digestive supplements available in the market today. This product has been formulated to heal the horse’s gut and help them get the most out of their feeds with powerful prebiotics and probiotics. Unlike other standard digestive aids, this one ensures needs for mineral traces and sufficient vitamins are met as a mere two ounces every single day guarantee your horse with all the critical nutrients typically missing from the conventional hay. With a 4.5 mg of biotin present in every dose, the Horse Guard Equine Vitamin & Mineral Supplement arguably helps keep hooves strong. Taking the guesswork out of supplementing world, this product has been formulated by a certified equine nutritionist so you this is a high-quality supplement.

7. Uckele Gut Horse Supplement

Uckele GUT Horse Supplement , 2-Pound

The Uckele Gut Horse Supplement is one of the leading equine health supplements formulated to support gastrointestinal function in adult horses as well as foals. It comes with a soothing, natural ingredient that stabilizes the gut tissue by typically supporting healthy digestion. Besides maintaining proper gut flora, this supplement also aids in the normal detoxification systems while maintaining normal PH so horses achieve optimal gut function and health. This highly palatable supplement is best suited for horses that are often prone to gastric upsets.

6. Manna Pro Cool Calories Supplement for Equines

Manna Pro Start to Finish Cool Calories 100

Over the years, Manna Pro produces high-quality animal care and nutrition products for a wide range of animals. The Manna Pro Cool Calories Supplement for Equines is never exceptional. This high-calorie density supplement boasts of more than 100 calories that provide cool, focused energy for horses. It is best suited for hard-keepers and underweight horses. This formulation aims at reducing the need for more grains. Administered along with fortified feeds, this 100 percent dry vegetable fat supplement is highly palatable and digestible delivering instant results noticeable by a glossy coat.

5. Manna Pro Senior Weight Accelerator

Manna Pro Weight Accelerator for Senior Horses|Made with Omega 3 Fatty Acids from Flaxseed|8 Pounds

If you are looking for one of the best equine weight gain supplements, then the Manna Pro Senior Weight Accelerator is the right choice. This product has been formulated to target the special health needs of adult horses. The supplement includes essential calories much needed for weight gain and general body condition. This extremely palatable digestive aid features Omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin & coat, probiotics for proper digestion, and biotin for healthy hoof growth.

4. Probios Dispersable Powder

Probios Dispersable Powder 5lb

The Probios Dispersable Powder contains naturally occurring microorganisms that help maintain digestive function when a horse is undergoing stress from weaning, diet changes, or illness. This product contains formulas that improve feed conversion, stimulate appetite, and increase growth. A dose of 10-15 grams of this supplement on a daily basis goes a long way in ensuring that the digestive system performs well for optimum health.

3. Farnam Sand Clear Digestive Aid

Farnam SandClear Natural Psyllium Crumbles, supports the removal of sand and dirt, 10 pound

Are you looking for the best supplement that can help your horse remove sand and dirt from the digestive system? If so, then the Farnam Sand Clear Digestive Aid is the right choice. This product is often used during conditions of colic, typically caused by sand and other indigestible materials. It achieves this objective thanks to psyllium seed husk that helps support the removal of dirt and sand from the ventral colon. Rich in dietary fiber, this supplement is ideal for ponies that graze off the ground. With apple and molasses flavor, the Farnam Sand Clear Digestive Aid can be administered to horses of all ages, including the young foals.

2. Farnam Apple Elite Electrolyte

Farnam Apple Elite Electrolyte, 5 lbs

Did your equine clinician recommend that your horse needed extra electrolyte salts to improve its digestive functions? If the answer is YES, then perhaps you need to try out the Farnam Apple Elite Electrolyte. This is a high-quality electrolyte supplement with a formulation designed for horses. It works by providing additional electrolyte salts that could have been lost as a result of excessive dehydration. Besides that, this easy-to-feed granular base aids in preventing dehydration from taking place. Because this supplement has an apple flavored taste, it is highly palatable and best suited for any horse, including the foals.

1. Probios Vet Plus Dispersible Digestive Powder

Probios Vet Plus Dispersible Digestive Powder, 240gm

The Probios Vet Plus Dispersible Digestive Powder is rich in live, naturally occurring microorganisms known to help horses maintain a healthy gut system. It also helps improve and maintain a healthy appetite, hence the reason why this product is recommended to be part of a regular health maintenance program. This supplement is best used at weaning, during & after antibiotic therapy, after diet changes, or during hospital treatment. Unlike other digestive aid supplements where you have to struggle to administer, this presents an easy to dispense & administer option –just sprinkle the powder on the equine feed.

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