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Harrisons Bird Food Like most other budgie owners, I used to Bird food my feathered friends with seed mixes, which they really liked eating. However, this proved to be a fatal mistake after I discovered the truth: Seed mixes are high in fat but low in minerals such as calcium, iodine, and vitamin A. As a result, daily diets containing only seed mixes will result in malnutrition, which is extremely detrimental to your bird’s lifespan. After I told my avian vet about my fowl’s daily feeding, she suggested that I switch to pellet mixes distributed by Harrisons Bird Food. To my amazement, after I changed my feeding routine, my budgies became much fitter and happier. Now, Harrisons Bird Food has become my instant pick when it comes to bird feeding. If you would like to learn more about the products of Harrisons, please continue to read.

Harrisons Bird Foods is developed by Dr. Greg Harrison, a certified avian specialist with more than 30 years of experience in bird care. All of their foods are made from premium, certified organic and non-GMO ingredients that are both nutritious and beneficial for your bird’s health. you can get here the best kitten foodsWet Cat FoodBest Dry Cat Food.

1. Harrisons High Potency Coarse Bird Food

Searching for high-quality, nutritious bird food that is suitable for your budgie’s special needs? Then look no further! Harrisons High Potency Coarse is produced from premium, organic ingredients such as chunked whole grains and legumes. All of the ingredients are enriched with extra proteins, fiber, fat, vitamins, and minerals, so no additional supplementation is required for your feathered friends. No wheat, cereal by-products, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, or preservatives are added during manufacture, so this Harrisons Bird Food is completely healthy and safe for your budgie to consume.

The most notable feature of this product is its suitability for birds with special conditions such as breeding, weaning, molting, recovering from illness, weight issues (underweight/ overweight) or stress. Harrisons High Potency Coarse is supplemented with extra fat and protein to provide proper and sufficient nutrition for these budgies. The bird food is also very beneficial for your fowl’s health and beauty. My macaw was previously fed with peanut and seed mixes, which I think was the reason for his numerous health issues such as poor feather growth and dull feathers. After I switched to this Harrisons Parrot Food, his feathers have been growing much better and more luminously. Now he is a happier bird, which makes me feel happy too!

Harrison’s High Potency Coarse bird food is meant for African Greys, Cockatoos, Large Conures, Eclectus, Macaws, and Pionus. The pellet size is a little large, which makes the product more suitable for medium to large parrots. Overall, if you are looking for an extra-rich organic food for your sick bird’s diet conversion and other issues such as molting, weaning or weight imbalance, Harrison’s High Potency Coarse is definitely one of the top picks. The price is a little high, which I think is a pretty small minus compared to other features. If you are interested in learning more about Parrot Bird Food, please click here.

2. Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Coarse Bird Food

Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Coarse is meant to be provided to your budgie after approximately 6 months of feeding him with Harrison’s High Potency Coarse bird food. Unlike the High Potency Coarse – which is specifically to provide nutritious meals for sick birds or those that have special needs – this Harrisons Bird Food is best recommended for healthy, non-breeding and non-molting birds. For diabetic birds or those suffering from chronic egg laying, this is not a recommended choice.

The bird food is made from chemical-free and certified organic ingredients to ensure the highest quality it can offer. No preservatives, artificial colors or sweeteners are added during production, which means you do not have to worry about your feathered friends’ health when adding these nuggets to their meals.

Like its High Potency counterpart, Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Coarse is a great way to start over for pet owners who previously fed their birds with junk food such as cookies and peanuts. Thanks to its nutritious value, your buddies are likely to experience beak growth, beautiful feathers, and health restoration.

Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Coarse is comprised of chunky organic pellets to better suit medium and large parrots. The product offers a nutty flavor and crunchy texture that few budgies can resist. In my case, my parrot cannot get hold of himself whenever I take this bag out and pour some into his bowl, which he happily devours later. Just try it for your bird – I am sure he/she will love it! This Harrisons Parrot Food is recommended for birds such as pionus, Amazons, cockatoos, macaws and other media to large parrots.

3. Harrison’s High Potency Fine Bird Food

Well, as the name might have suggested, this bird food is pretty much similar to Harrison’s High Potency Coarse mentioned above. However, while the Coarse counterpart is meant for medium to large parrots, Harrison’s High Potency Fine provides a nutritional formula specially designed for small to medium birds, including species such as cockatiels, parakeets, canaries, lovebirds, Quakers, small conures, lories, doves, and pigeons.

This Harrisons Bird Food is comprised of certified organic pellets that are supplemented with extra proteins, fiber, fat, vitamins, and minerals. As a result, it is capable of meeting the nutritional requirements of birds during diet conversion, or those with special conditions such as breeding, weaning, molting, weight imbalance, recovering from illnesses and being affected by liver/ kidney disease. No artificial preservatives, colors or sweeteners are found in this product, which further complements its contribution to your budgies’ well-being. The USDA NOP Organic and Non-GMO Verified seals help preserve the bird food and provide a high-quality product to you.

Harrison’s High Potency Fine is a recommended year-round formula for African Greys, Green Winged Macaws, Hyacinth Macaws, Queen of Bavaria Conures and Palm Cockatoos. If you own a bird that belongs to one of those species and is having difficulty switching from seed mixes to pellets/ suffering from one of the health conditions above, you may definitely want to try this Harrisons bird food! Just remember to factor in your budgie’s size, or the small food may cause choking and discomfort to your chunky winged friend.

4. Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Fine Bird Food

After about 6 months of diet conversion by feeding your little budgies with Harrison’s High Potency Fine, then maybe it’s time for you to add this to your friends’ meals.

Just like the Adult Lifetime Coarse, Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Fine is recommended for healthy birds that are not suffering from conditions such as breeding, weaning and molting. The bird food is made from all organic, natural, chemical-free and preservative-free ingredients, and features a USDA NOP Organic Seal. The ingredients include veggies such as barley, sunflower seeds, soybeans, spirulina and are supplemented with nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, E, D3, B12. Hence, this Harrisons Bird Food is able to satisfy the nutritional requirements of species including lories, cockatiels, lovebirds, Quakers, doves, pigeons and other small to medium birds.

In addition to the nutrition it provides, Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Fine is also very enjoyable to eat! The year-round maintenance formula is offered in delicious pellets with a nutty flavor and crunchy texture, which means that it can attract even the pickiest and stubborn bird. Do not worry if your budgies are used to diets including seeds and junk food such as cookies and peanuts – just feed them with these pellets and see if it works! In my friend’s case, after he switched to Harrisons Bird Food, his budgie’s overall health has improved drastically – now his feathers are luminous, his eyes are vibrant, and his master’s happiness is indescribable!

5. Harrison’s Bird Food Power Treats with Red Palm Fruit Oil

“A tasty treat meant for your sick birds” is the title I would like to name this as. You may wonder: Why? Well, Harrisons Bird Food Power Treats with Brazilian Red Palm Fruit Oil contains a high amount of antioxidant (vitamin E and coenzyme Q10), carotenoid (precursors to vitamin A), as well as necessary fatty acids. As a result, it is extremely beneficial for birds suffering from conditions such as dry flaky skin, feet balding, lack of sheen and feather discoloration. In addition, the palm fruit oil ingredient helps to boost the immune system and in turn, makes the treats recommended for aging birds.

Like other Harrisons Bird Food, this product consists of high-energy, organic treats that are made from premium and chemical-free ingredients and contains no artificial preservatives, colors or sweeteners. The Power Treats are tasty and toasted to provide your winged companion with a pleasant eating experience. The bird food can be served dry, moistened, cold, warmed or crushed – you may choose whichever that suits your budgie’s taste and your own convenience!

Harrisons Bird Food Power Treats contain a high amount of sugar and fat, which makes them ideal to aid in weaning, pellet conversion or to supply bird who have just recovered from illnesses with essential nutrients and extra energy. However, this also means that you should only use this type of bird food as a type of snack, and avoid overfeeding your feathered friend. Furthermore, I also wish that the treats are a little smaller and softer, as their large size and rockiness have caused some discomfort for my budgies when they attempt to swallow these.

6. Harrison’s Pepper Lifetime Coarse Bird Food

If your winged buddy prefers spicy diets over traditional ones, this may be just the answer you are looking for. Harrison’s Pepper Lifetime Coarse bird food offers a tasty, fiery hot maintenance formula for medium to large birds. Its amazingly spicy and nutty flavor, combined with the crunchy texture, is something that few budgies may be able to resist. The Pepper Lifetime Coarse is a great alternative to the Adult Lifetime Coarse formula if your bird has a tendency to consume spicy food.

This Harrisons Bird Food is made from premium, whole, and certified organic ingredients, with no artificial colors, preservatives or sweeteners added during manufacture. Hence, the product is completely safe for your feathered friend’s health. Its safety is further enhanced by the USDA NOP Organic Seal, so your birds should be fed with high-quality and chemical-free food. Your budgie may be fed with Lifetime Pepper Coarse after 6 months of consuming High Potency Coarse bird food. In addition, it may also be used as a pellet conversion for stubborn birds who have been exposed to junk food diets for a long time.

The product is suitable for the nutritional requirements of healthy, non-breeding and non-molting birds such as pionus, Amazons, cockatoos, macaws and another medium to large parrots. Furthermore, it may also be used for fussy birds and those that suffer from papillomavirus. Overall, if you are looking for healthy, tasty and spicy food for your picky bird, Harrison’s Pepper Lifetime Coarse is a worthwhile consideration.

7. Harrison’s Bird Bread Mix – Original Bird Food

For pet owners who wish to prepare their budgies’ meals themselves or those who often give treats to their birds, I believe they might want to consider this. In my opinion, Harrison’s Bird Bread Mix is a great idea of the people of Harrisons, as the bread mix can be baked alongside other ingredients, which you are free to choose depending on your bird’s nutritional requirements and personal taste. Hence, you are given a chance to spice up the flavor as well as add more supplements to your budgie’s diets, especially fruits and veggies, which are generally healthy but not enjoyable to birds. In my case, I used to add stuff such as nuts, peppers, berries, bananas, chiffonaded kale/spinach, cilantro, pellets, maple syrup, vanilla extract, apples, etc. Just imagine how many additional nutrients are added to my budgies’ daily meals! Not only does the extra stuff improve my feathered friends’ eating experience, but it also allows them to develop brighter feathers and gain better weight as well.

This Harrisons Bird Food is made from verified organic and non-GMO ingredients to ensure its safety to your budgie’s health. It provides a great way to convert birds into a nutritionally formulated diet. For hospitalized and boarding birds, Harrison’s Bird Bread Mix allows them to slowly transition to the appropriate formulated diet. Additionally, as extra ingredients can be added to the bread mix during preparation, this food can be used as a tool to give liquid medication to your feathered companion. To be honest, I consider this one of the best Harrisons Bird Food available in the market. If it hadn’t been for the price, I would have recommended Harrison’s Bird Bread Mix to all pet owners who wish to put their heart into their budgie’s diets!

8. Harrison’s High potency Mash Bird Food

Well, another High Potency bird food for those looking to convert their budgies’ diets from seed to pellet mixes! Unlike the Coarse and Fine counterpart, Harrison’s High Potency Mash is meant to provide a year-round formula for canaries and finches as well as budgies (parakeets) and other small birds.

This Harrisons Bird Food is made from premium, whole, intact ingredients and contains no chemicals, artificial colors, preservatives and sweeteners. Due ton including veggies like sunflower seeds, barley, rice, peas and chia seeds, the organic formula is enriched with extra proteins, fiber, fat, vitamins and minerals, which makes it suitable for birds with special conditions such as breeding, weaning, molting, weight imbalance, recovering from illnesses and being affected by liver/ kidney disease.

Harrisons High Potency Mash is recommended for canaries, doves, budgies (parakeets), cockatiels, lovebirds, finches, pigeons, and other small birds. If your feathered friend belongs to one of these species, and he/she has been long exposed to unhealthy diets such as seed mixes, cookies, and peanuts, maybe it’s time for you to give this Harrisons bird food a try! Trust me – you will not be disappointed. If your stubborn winged companion is at first reluctant to change his/her feeding routine, just be patient and mix these pellets with fresh veggies, so that he/she can slowly convert to the new diet.

9. Harrison’s Juvenile Hand-Feeding Formula Bird Food

Sometimes, especially in the case of baby birds, you may want to hand feed your winged companion. The act of hand feeding is just wonderful and essential to creating a deep bond between you and your friend. Hand feeding your infant chicks presents a few risks, though, so you should learn the proper techniques as well as purchase the correct bird food, which is the reason why I recommend this to you.

Harrison’s Juvenile Hand-Feeding Formula is specifically designed for hand-feeding infant parrots prior to weaning. It is also recommended for birds recovering from illness, injuries and those that suffer from weight loss during a diet conversion. The ingredients are all certified organic, non-GMO, preservative-free and include natural veggies such as kelp, flaxseed, Spirulina, and D3, which are certain to improve your budgie’s well-being.

What I really like about this Harrisons Bird Food is how convenient it is to feed this to my pet birds. Previously, I tried the Kaytee Exact Hand-Feeding formula, which was pretty popular among pet owners like me. However, it was just too messy to feed my baby birds with Exact, and anything left uneaten would soon become as hard as a rock. For those reasons, I started searching for a new alternative and decided to try Harrison’s Juvenile Hand-Feeding Formula after careful research. Although I was not impressed by the green color in the first place, the new formula turned out to be a wise choice: My budgies really love it. In addition, it is also less messy and does not harden if anything is left uneaten for a while. My birds gained weight steadily thanks to this, which I am really happy about. So, when it comes to baby birds, Juvenile Hand-Feeding Formula is one of the best Harrisons Bird Food!

10. Harrisons Wild Bird Food Peanuts

Well, the last one in my review list! As the name might have suggested to you, Harrisons Wild Bird Food Peanuts is comprised of seeds that you may use to feed the wild birds in your back yard. The product is made from tasty, natural and certified organic ingredients and contains no chemical pesticides, preservatives, GMO or artificial colorings/flavorings. As a result, you can trust that feeding these seeds will not cause any harm to wild birds visiting your beautiful garden.

In addition to its safety, Harrisons Wild Bird Food also offers high nutritional value thanks to being rich in energy, protein, and oils. The peanut flavor is very appealing to birds of various breeds, which means that they are more likely to visit your house if this bird food is readily available for them. Harrisons sell this wild bird food in convenient 18-kilogram bags at a very affordable price. Therefore, if you are a bird lover and wish to be visited more often by wild birds, this is a fine investment for you.

II. Conclusion

Just like how dog owners are supposed to care for the pooches, bird owners are also expected to provide their feathered companions with the same kind of protection, which basically starts with the food they prepare for their beloved friends.

Although seed mixes are the most common bird foods in the market today, they are not only deficient in nutrition but also damaging to your budgies’ well-being and lifespan. Therefore, it is advisable that you switch to pellet mixes, among which Harrisons Bird Food is one of the best choices. Depending on your fowl’s special needs, you may choose one of the above-mentioned foods, which I have all tested and found to be worth the investment.

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